On this map you will find the locations of the hotel, the parking across the street, and also the train and tramway stations, bus stop, congress center, and city center.

The most common way to arrive by car is marked in red. If you can't find some space to park your car near enough, there is a parking lot right in front of the hotel. It's free from 7 PM to 9 AM.

If you arrive by train at the ''Reims gare'' station, there is less than 5 minutes walk : go across the park in front of the train station and then go to your right until the next block.

If you arrive at the train station ''Champagne Ardennes TGV'', you have two options. You can take the train shuttle that goes to the ''Reims Gare'' train station (there are high chances that your train ticket comes bundled with a ticket for this). You can also or take the tramway in front of the train station. It goes through the city center, and you can walk to our hotel from there in a few minutes.

Access map

Access map

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